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"please be nice :(" is an experiment in community-driven game design. Every time a player is the first to beat a version of the game, he or she may suggest a feature for the next version of the game. As such, updates come very frequently and often have dramatic consequences for the game. The table below provides a complete history of every previous version and the changes that have been made. 

Along the way there have been many updates that have dramatically altered aspects of the game or the way it is played - a list of these can be found at the Notable Versions page.

The official Version History (along with rejected suggestions and download links!) can be found HERE.

Version History 
(Versions in RED are exceedingly buggy or unplayable)
V. Player Time Suggestion Details
1 Hans Cronau - I would like to see a character selection screen with at least 3 options and 1 I'd like to play if I were a girl.

The initial build of the game featured only a player-controlled square in the upper-left of the screen and a checkered flag in the lower-right of the screen. The game was won by touching the checkered flag.

This suggestion gave the players a character selection, featuring 9 variations of blue bird sprites in different hats.

2x Marries van de Hoef - Make the player feel the emotion LOVE This suggestion added a number of bird NPCs to the map, which follow the player and emit heart-shaped "love" particles.
3x Marianne - Stylish background with flashy colours! A background effect was created after version 3 by spawning squares in random colours in the center of the map. The squares rotate, grow, and decrease in opacity, causing a spiralling "rainbow tunnel" effect.
4x 9joao6 - Obstacles! Simple spike balls were added to the map as obstacles, which bounce around and violently kill the player (and any friendly NPC birds) on contact.
5 jfrp24 - simple lighting effects (maybe also dynamic lighting or bloom) Some extra detail was added to the particles that appeared on bird death. (Someone please confirm the change that was made for this version besides particle details)
6 Pim - Camera follows the player The camera is zoomed in on the player, which causes the player to not be able to see the whole level.
7 Erwin - At least five levels. 4 more levels were added, along with a counter to keep track of the player's progress. Other than a gradual increase in the number of Spikes, the new levels had no distinguishing difference between them.
8 Kim van den Eng - Make the level have edges so you can't lose your character. The character can no longer leave the screen.
9 Tim Spaninks - Level obstacles and gradual introduction of enemies. Basically a maze or other level structure to move through. The five existing levels were redesigned, adding progressively more enemies to each level and introducing gray walls to impede player progress. Spikes bounce off of walls.
10 LegacyCrono - colorful walls! The wall blocks are each randomly colorized in bright colors.
11 AIDEN - NICK CAGE Nicolas Cage's head is now a playable character, replacing the Pirate Hat Bird.
12 kevin - press space to use a weapon that kills spikes The automatic rifle was added to the game. Players spawned with the rifle, and holding the space bar would fire the rifle in the direction that the player character was facing. 
13 LegacyCrono - collectibles! An animated star was added to each of the existing levels for the player to find and collect. A counter on the bottom of the screen tracked the number of stars that had been collected. Collecting a star triggers a particle effect.
14 Shizu - Kawaii uguu level All birds now yell "Kawaii", "Uguuu~~", "Notice me Senpai~", or "Sempai~" at intervals, with their faces being briefly replaced with blushing anime animations.
15 VIredX - gravity, clicking somewhere changes gravity to that spot. The player now has a vortex gun that is activated by holding the left mouse button anywhere on the screen. The vortex attracts the player, the birds, and spike balls, but the player is able to move against the pull.
16 VIredX - giant star boss, wearing googly eyed pants, shoots back The first boss is added after level 5. It sports a top hat and attacks with googly-eyed top hats, which fire upwards from the bottom of the screen. The vortex is disabled for the boss battle.
17 random - new enemy type This suggestion lead to the introduction of a new type of spikes. Featuring a pair of googly eyes, they move around at intervals in the direction of the player.
18 Shizu - weapons selection screen This update introduced the weapon selection screen and overhauled the rifle, introducing some inaccuracy and adding sounds for gunfine. We also received two new weapons. The shotgun fires a spray of bullets at random trajectories within a cone, and the uzi behaves like a faster, more inaccurate rifle.
19 svipi - Some awesome music A soundtrack was added featuring a track previously written by developer Aran Koning for a previous game. The track is about 1:20 in length and is titled "FinalCanyonIntroLoop."
20 VIredX - Gun always points at mouse, new gun, laser The gun now points at the mouse instead of the way the player is facing. The laser gun was added, featuring pinpoint accuracy and a laser projectile which pierces enemies (and birds).
21 Ivan - exploding bridge An exploding bridge cutscene has been added after defeating the boss, it is a GIF featuring an explosion soundtrack.
22 svipi - speed run timer The game now has a speedrun timer that shows how long a user took to beat the game, in the update after this it was implemeted to also submit the player's time.
23 VIredX - More,bigger levels 3 more levels were added which have a higher difficulty, a bigger area, and more spikes.
24 Zallistian 114.42s Moral choice system Killing birds decreases player's morality and causes horns to grow out of the character's head, while killing spikes increases morality and causes a halo to appear above the character's head. 
25 Zallistian - Stats screen At the end of the game the user can now see how many birds and spikes they destroyed, their completion time, and their morality score.
26 Zallistian 81.1s New unique character In the stream the current developer asked for a picture to be used as a new character, Bay responded to this message before the others and his face is now a new character.Look for the sporty headphones. This character replaces the Bandit Mask bird on the character select screen.
27 VIredX 86.88s Press R to Replay Pressing R now resets the game to level 1 along with the time to 0, so players dont have to finish or reboot the game while practicing speedruns.
28 Thecommunity 78.22s Barrier that gets removed when a web timer has been checked. To make it fair for people to win.

Players were affected by distance from server when speedrunning and a feature was suggested to solve this problem. From now on, players get to download and get ready before the game "starts." The game becomes playable after a developer flags a build as unlocked, preventing unfair advantages such as bandwidth and distance to server.

29 VIredX 65.78s mute button The music can now be turned off!
30 Zallistian 90.35s Mudkip character Mudkip is now a playable character, replacing Illuminati Bird.
31 ivan2340 101.58s IVAN character with name over him Ivan now is a playable character, replacing Beanie Cap BIrd. The name "IVAN" floats above his head at all times.
32 ivan2340 81.9s Change ivan's pic to dahahaka's profile pic from twitch Ivan (user name Dahahaka), wanted his profile picture to be used for the in-game Ivan instead.
33 ivan2340 71.03s explosive barrels Explosive barrels have been added. These blow up walls, birds, spikes, and the player. Some levels have been adjusted to make use of these barrels.
34 Zallistian 104.18s Achievements

3 achievements were added:

-Attractive: killed a bird using a vortex.

-Peace loving: finished a game without firing your gun.

-Lord of War: ended the game as evil Nick Cage

35 Anne Bras 90.43s 1 pink bunny: multiplies when touching. can fill up whole screen Explosive bunnies have been added, which can be used in conjunction with the vortex gun to blow walls away. Bunnies explode when they are shot or when they touch spikes. Bunnies move toward the player and reproduce when they touch the player, causing rapid and dangerous bunny growth when the player stands still. Bunny reproduction is capped to a max of 500 bunnies on screen.
36 Zallist 104.55s RPG No, the gamemode did not change to a Role-Playing game. Instead, a new weapon, the Rocket Propelled Grenade was added. This gun has low accuracy and can destroy walls.
37 VIredX 79.97s fullscreen F1 now toggles fullscreen, escape exits the game.
38 Magnaroma 99.82s dome fossil mini boss that spawns enemies The alternate fossil from pokemon yellow/red/blue now is an enemy in several stages. It continually spawns spikes while it is alive and upon death releases a number of spikes instantly.
39 VIredX 88.08s Viredxgun This suggestion added the Viredxgun, which causes the screen to shake and rapidly fires the word "Viredx" in random directions. It is the least accurate gun.
40 taxes 116.47s secret psychedelic bonus level (with fractals and rainbows)

A secret bonus level was added! "Where is it and what does it do?!" you ask? Well, it wouldn't be a secret if I told you!

41 taxes 329.35s gun that shoots bunnies A new gun, the bunnderbus/harepoon/bungun/bunnygun was added to the game. It shoots bunnies which act like regular bunnies and follow the player if they don't hit a target after being shot. To facilitate this gameplay, bunnies were also set to explode on contact with explosive barrels.
42 VIredX 120.82s left click shoot right click vortex middleclick/space detonate all bunnies, yeah that sounds about right. This update attempted to improve the controls. Left mouse button fires the primary weapon and right mouse button now uses the vortex gun, while the space bar detonates all bunnies on screen (including bunnies fired from the bunny gun). Unfortunately, a this version contains a bug where the vortex gun was improperly mapped, resulting in left mouse button firing both the primary weapon AND the vortex gun.
43 A 210.75s All monsters must be killed to finish level After this version, all enemies must be killed to advance to the next level. This made the "Peace Loving" achievement impossible. The vortex gun controls were also fixed.
44 renwold 243.75s laser shotgun! A new weapon was added, the laser shotgun! The laser shotgun works as it sounds: a spray of bullets fires out in a cone, just like the regular shotgun, except the projectiles pierce.
45 renwold 301.4s change victory condition to allow killing all enemies OR reaching level exit; killing all enemies ends level immediately This suggestion changed the victory conditions for each level as described: the player could win by getting to the exit OR by killing all enemies. This had the unintended consequence of causing the final boss fight to be skipped, as none of the "normal" enemies were there to begin with. It also made the Peace Loving achievement possible again.
46 Ieuan 210.83s Weapon upgrades (speed, explosive ammo, projectile speed etc) This suggestion added a number of weapon power ups scattered through the game's levels. These upgrades stack and could have dramatic effects if the player goes out of his or her way to get them.
47 Ieuan 173.83s Add flashy color effects like Monaco This update replaces the "rainbow tunnel" background effect with a slow fade from color-to-color.
48 Wilkin 111.85s opaque mini map in the bottom left corner A mini-map was added to the bottom-left corner of the screen which shows all entities in the level. This obstructs vision when the player is in the lower left corner of the map, adding additional risk of getting caught by an enemy.
49 Wilkin 91.82s YOU BLEW IT sound clip from the movie Billy Madison plays upon death After version 49, whenever a player dies a sound clip from the movie Billy Madison is played.
50 Wilkin 98.08s Put my stats on the version history page in gold for v49 only The stats on the official website version history for version 49 were changed to gold. While this isn't an actual update to the game, the suggestion was sufficiently amusing. The next version has no changes.
51 renwold 125.55s add two new 'arena' maps with no exit pads, must kill all enemies This update added two spacious maps as the final two levels before the boss fight. No exit and multiple Dome Fossil minibosses mean that these become more challenging as time passes. This updated made the Peace Loving achievement impossible again.
52 Wessel_Gino 271.38s Bullet hell level where enemies shoot on the beat of the music The request for a "Bullet hell" level wasn't possible with the current state of the game, which features no ranged enemies at all. Instead, Aran added a giant Boss variant of the Dome Fossil which moved around a large empty map and created new Spikes and Googly Spikes more quickly than the normal Dome Fossil. The boss had so much health that many players had difficulty finishing the game at all. This was corrected for the next version even though it was not specifically requested.
53 renwold 333.52s wow. um. ranged enemy type! The new Slime enemy type was added, marking the first ranged enemy in the game. Slimes grow in size when their projectiles hit each other, and their projectiles explode when the player shoots them. Additionally, the Giant Dome Fossil boss was severely nerfed.
54 Zallist 148.05s Doge themed menu system Zallist used a suggestion to reskin the existing menu with a "Doge"-meme theme, which also added improvement to functionality via an in-game menu to allow players to restart or quit their games. Unfortunately, the menu was functional from the barrier screen that prevents players from starting early, allowing them to "restart" before they were supposed to begin.
55 Zallist 193.48 Fix esc on barrier check, "many controls" option in menu This suggestion fixed the previous method of circumventing the barrier check and also added a "many controls" menu, which functions as an in-game help menu for game controls.
56 renwold 136.07 m to hide map! After version 56, the ability to toggle the map off by pressing "m" was added. Additionally, a previous buff to the Viredxgun's accuracy which had been applied around update 52 was removed, since it had become the most powerful gun in the game.
57 Bird 176.55 add bird jesus This version removed the Giant Fossil boss and added a giant "Bird Jesus" boss. Bird Jesus sits in the center of the level with a halo above his head and sends swarms of Love Birds at the player. Whether the player fights Bird Jesus or Star Pants depends on the morality score after the final level (players with negative morality go to Bird Jesus).
58 bird 161.97s add devil bird This suggestion added the "Devil Bird" boss in addition to Bird Jesus. Like Bird Jesus, Devil Bird sits in the center of the level and sends swarms of minions at the player. In this case, however, the minions are fast-moving red bunnies that spawn replacements for themselves when they are shot. The update also resulted in a number of bug fixes and a rebalance of morality to be more possible to reach the end with a "good" rating. When the player is angelic, she fights the Devil Bird, when the player is evil, she fights Jesus Bird. Neutral players fight Star Pants
59 renwold 161.23s secret level exits in the NEXT level, powerups drop from enemies (5-10%?) This suggestion changed the "Secret Level" on Level 3 so that it would send the player to Level 4 on exit. This prevented players from farming the free "Fast Reload" powerup and also added a reason to use the Secret Level that wouldn't waste much time. It also made powerups respond to the Vortex Gun, and gave enemies a 2% chance to drop a powerup on death.
60 viredx 165.8s lightning sword shoots at random The version 60 suggestion introduced a lightning sword that occasionally fires a bolt of lightning. However, this udpate also caused all walls to be breakable in one shot and allowed the player to instantly kill Bird Jesus and Giant Dome Fossil. It also prevented the player from finishing the game once Bird Jesus had been defeated.
61x 11223344 247.83s a totally very dark level nic cage After version 61 made the game nearly unplayable, the suggestion for version 62 was delayed until the end of the day while much of the project's code was refactored. The update added many improvements to the game code, which will improve stability in the long run. It also completely reworked the lightning sword from the previous update, and added a new secret level. Unfortunately, version 62 featured a number of game breaking issues, including some which prevented the majority of players from reaching the submission page. Version 62 also introduced a significant reduction in the speed of most of the enemies and NPCs in the game.
62x Pyromania 199.47s Whatever Radicaltaxidermist wants

After being the only player to both reach the suggestion page AND to successfully submit a suggestion, user Pyromania suggested that a user who finished before him be allowed to make a suggestion. Radicaltaxidermist wanted "Merge the new background with the old style." In addition to overlaying the old background over the new one, this update also rebalanced the bosses and made the game beatable again. For players who finish the game after the suggestion has already been made, the completion timer continues ticking.

63 A32b 204s HARRY STYLES :D This suggestion introduced the character "Harry Styles," an actor and a member of the popular boy band One Direction. Harry debuted in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England, where he sang as a member of his band "White Eskimo." In version 64, he debuted in place of Sheriff Bird, one of the best birds. He also has significantly less accuracy than other characters.
64 abe 348.5s Press key/button to replay level (for when youre stuck in a wall) abe's suggestion after completing version 64 changed the functionality of the "R" key from restarting the game from the first level to restarting the current level, in order to allow players to continue when they are stuck or otherwise cannot proceed. 
65 viredx and beat guy 255.83s press v to DASH with onscreen energy meter This updated added the dash functionality to version 66 for all characters. Now, players may press "V" to dash a short distance at an increased speed. After a dash, a ring appears around the player that is slowly filled to represent the cooldown of the dash. If a player dashes with the Lightning Sword equipped, the dash also performs slashes at a faster rate of fire than is normally possible.
66 viredx 177.1s gungun , shoots guns that shoot! The Gungun was added to the game after version 66. The Gungun fires smaller guns which travel a short distance and then stop, turning into stationary turrets. The stationary guns will fire a single bullet at a time in the direction they're facing and then rotate a small amount before firing again. The bullets they fire can kill the player and any neutral NPCs in addition to enemies. Eventually, the guns will explode.
67 Bird 191.87s Sheriff bird acts different from the other birds, perhaps arrests you if you kill the birds Starting with version 67, whenever the player kills a Love Bird, any Sheriff Birds on the map will become hostile. Sheriff Birds follow the player and move faster than normal Love Birds, firing bullets at the player until they are either killed or the map ends. Hostile Sheriff Birds do not count as enemies towards level completion.
68 abe 290.32s COINSSSS $$$$$ This suggestion adds coins that drop from enemies in version 69, as well as a coin counter. The coins drop from every enemy, and have doge shibe icons on the face, causing players to speculate about a future "Doge Economy" update.
69 viredx 208.03s survival gamemode With this suggestion, version 70 introduces the first new game mode. Survival mode is accessible from the main screen, and sends enemies at the player in waves. In this mode, spikes and bunnies fly at the player from all corners of the map. The bunnies that fly at the player are hostile and explode on contact. There is no way to win Survival mode, and it does not count towards completing the game first.
70 Cat 184.58s multiple in game reminders of "Birds are very important" After version 70, killing Love Birds occasionally causes a large image of a bird to appear in the center of the screen along with a speech bubble containing one of a number of messages reminding the player not to kill birds. This has the effect of momentarily blocking the player's vision of a large portion of the screen
71 Cody 612.72s Insert a sleepy cat between levels The suggestion made in version 71 introduces a "sleepy cat" which appears in the lower-left corner of the screen when the player finishes a level. The cat appears for three seconds before the level advances during which time the player may still be killed, in which case the level will restart as if the player had failed.
72 renwold 216.18s no birds on boss levels/arenas, faster spikes, spikes less affected by vortex This suggestion intended to adjust the balance of the morality system in the game and increase the difficulty by buffing Spike speed and lowering the effectiveness of the vortex weapon.The update rebalanced morality, halving the morality gain for killing Spikes from +2 to +1 and lowering the morality cost for killing Love Birds from -10 to -8.  Love Birds continue to exist on both the arenas and boss battles, however .Additionally, the max speed of Spikes is increased when the vortex is used, and slowly returns to normal once the vortex is released, making the vortex somewhat riskier to use in long bursts.
73 renwold 181.08s make all bosses harder! The update following version 73 completely revamped the existing boss fights. Giant Dome Fossil now fires projectiles  in a spiral pattern for the player to dodge, Star Pants summons extra hats (and, occasionally, large missiles) which attack from different angles and have more HP, Bird Jesus now fires beaks in 8 directions, and Devil Bird now fires projectiles in a spiral pattern in addition to a buff applied to Demon Bunnies which increases their speed and restores their ability to spawn new Demon Bunnies on death (effectively making them impossible to kill and forcing the player to focus fire on Devil Bird). All bosses had their health increased. This update also rebalanced the speed of Spikes to be slightly lower than in the previous update.
74 viredx 188.72s lives! can game over, 100 coins new life The change to version 75 introduced a "lives" mechanic. Every time the player dies he loses a life; when the player loses his last life, the game ends and he must start over. Collecting 100 doge coins gives the player additional lives.
75 renwold 182.97s dome boss moved to mid-game boss, drops dome-boss themed weapon powerup (a-la megaman) Dome boss has been moved to stage 6, it now explodes into dome boss fossil powerups,which lock your aim in an angle, the more bullet count powerups you have the smaller the angles are between your shots(360,180,120,90,72,etc..)
76 taxes 172.87s socks, whiskey with drunk effect Sock powerup was added,changes shape of bullets.
77 MadMallard 422.03s food related powerups

There's now Caviar and Energy drinks in game which improve coins dropped and players speed respectively.

78 Viredx 150.95s Turretlegun,MB1 to fire, release to make him stop,shoots towards the cursor,space to detonate. Players can now choose the turretlegun which is a deployable turret that fires towards the cursor,multiple turretles can be placed.
79 Draiken 538.83s I want to be able to shoot the potion! Whiskey can now be destroyed.
80 Viredx 149.35s Make game easier. Game now has HP and lives have been removed, it was too hard for other players and suggestions couldn't be made.
81 Abe 233.57s Add beatguy himself to the game :D (now youre REALLY famous!) New character drawn by Aran, which resembles "beatguy"
82 Renwold 175.93s captain's choice Aran did some bugfixes and changed some stuff in game.
83 Benedict Cumberbatch 187.83s DEATHMOOSE cameo DEATHMOOSE now appears in level 1
84 Sagral 305.8s a spider that shoots webs that slow you down Spider enemies have been added, they shoot cobwebs that damage the player,slow them down and are vortex affected, also lay eggs that produce tiny spiders which track the player.
85 Sagral 341.9s Add food to recover HP Enemies occasionally drop drumsticks, heal 1 hp per drumstick.
86 Sagral 340.63s Spider lay spidereggs every 10 sec, spider eggs hatch every 10 sec 2 littel posonus spiders, also big spiders leav web Spider enemy added to the game, they shoot spider webs that slow the enemy and lay smaller spiders that home in on the enemy, touching the bigger spiders also causes damage.
87 Sagral 390.25s make nick cage face change when shooting Nick cage has a different expression while firing the primary weapon now.



206.53s Hardcore gamemode, 1hp, instadeaths. Hardcore mode has been added to the main menu, getting hit causes a game over and forces the player to restart from level 1.
90 Viredx 159.88s Cornonthecob enemy,blocks path, explodes in high velocity corn, those pop in 1 second to home after player,evil popcorn Billy Maize enemy added, explodes into corn pellets which turn into homing enemies
91 Viredx 149.83s Automatic rifle bullet make tiny explosions(blow up walls) RPG makes huge explosions. Automatic rifle now can blow up blocks, RPG now makes much bigger explosions.
92 Viredx 134,38s Viredx hardcore mode final boss, uses uzi,moves fast(bullet hell boss) The Viredx boss has been added to the game,only shows up in hardcore mode.
93 Abe 269.73s Ingame economy (I wanna spend those coins! :D) Several small chambers have been added to levels, their walls are indestructable and they hold powerups. the door can be opened by using coins.
94 Abe 288.8s No game is complete without the KONAMI CODE Entering the Konami Code now plays an in game sound.
95 Grutte Pier 419.23s Armed allies Birds shoot enemies now.
96 Abe 369.48s magic spell
97 Abe 272.78s Tank character! It should be slow, have 10hp, MB1=RPG and MB2=automatic rifle :) Tank character with unique contreolls and fixed weapons added to character roster.
98 Temper Banalpel 1874s Finish before evil pig Added bonus level in which player races against a pig to collect the most food
99 Thelo 216.47s Secret bossfight after finishing the game with all the stars
100 sagral 147.73s barrel explotions leave toxic waste Barrel explosions now create a green toxic waste hazard, which damages player upon contact.
101 Viredx 217.33s all blocks and enemies Take multiple Hits to break/kill Added HP to enemies and destructable blocks.
102 abe 344.83s talking and facecam on stream :D (and make the walls stronger) For the next stream Tehlulzinator had his webcam on on the stream.
103 New Levels! 132.98s new levels! Two new levels added to the game.
104 Viredx 191.75s New Red gungun, Passes through walls, can't be blown up by other gunguns
105 Gus 194.07s Make birds stronger, and no longer able to be harmed by player. Birds ahve more health.
106 PyromaniaYEA 205.55s New playable character called "Party Chair" which is a lawn chair. Replaced one bird character from the roster with a chair wearing a party hat.
107 Gus 209.58s shooting birds still lowers morality and makes them cry Tears of Death Birds now cry red tears when you shoot them.
108 Gus 258.32s sheild weapon that blocks enemies and deflects projectiles. The shield has been introduced, it spawn a shield that makes player temporarily invulnerable.
109 Grutte Pier 422.78s Make birds move to your "backside" so you don't shoot them as often Adapted Bird behaviour.
110 A32b 399.07s more STATS on version page (number of stars, coins, Deaths etc.) Added additional statistics displayed after a successful playthough.
111 Gus 197.73s weapon select for both mouse buttons. vortex is now a gun Weapon select screen now is split up in 2 weapon select screen, where you pick your Left click and your Right click weapon seperately, all weapon combinations can now be made, except for picking the same gun twice.
112 PyromaniaYEA 241.15s Optional Boss which is a fluffy sheep god. Added a sheep enemy to level 13, which drops a large number of coins when killed
113 KeeganMoser 284.83s Two Planet of the Apes references (one of them a reference to the "YOU BLEW IT UP! " line Dying in hardcore mode now results in a sound clip from the 1968 film "Planet of the Apes" being played.
114 PyromaniaYEA 223s Rarely, when you kill an enemy, it will play the "Yoohoo" sound clip from Disney's Frozen.
115 Domefossilsux 289.53s Dome fossil no longer a random powerup,only drops from dome boss. The dome fossil powerup may now only be obtained by defeating the Dome Fossil boss.
116 Spaace 289.73s Space core character that yells Space core quotes Added the Spave Core from Valve's Portal 2 as a playable character.
117 Gus 201.67s Anthing you guys want! Added a credits option to the main menu
118 I'msodashing 175.78s Dash in the direction you move.
119 Chicken 152.87s Chickens that,when you attack them spawn a swarm of angry red chickens, like in LoZ games.