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Welcome to the 'please be nice :(' WikiEdit

This wiki covers different aspects of 'please be nice :(,' a game conceptualized and developed by Aran Koning and friends Herman Groenenboom and Sander Vanheste, and directed by the will of its community.

Look forward to detailed information on game mechanics, weapons, items, enemies, version history, and trivial minutiae!

Head towards the chat if you have suggestions and we'll have a look at it! pleasebenice:( wiki chat.

Current VersionEdit

The current version running is v114, posted on April 1, 2014.
To find information about other versions, visit the Version History page.
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Latest SuggestionEdit

"Dash in the direction you move."

"Chickens that,when you attack them spawn a swarm of angry red chickens, like in LoZ games."

Suggested By: I'msodashing Suggested By: Chicken


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