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'please be nice :(' is a game created by Aran Koning (pleasebenicegame), Herman (Tehlulzinator), and Sander.

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Goal of the Game[]

The first person to beat the current version will get to suggest a feature for the next version. Since being the first person to complete a version is currently all that is required to submit a feature, the game has become a race between the followers of the project to finish the game first.

Though the game itself may change dramatically, the nature of the project means that each new version encourages players to attempt a speed run of the current content.


The first version of the game was an empty screen with a square representing the player in one corner of the screen and a checkered square representing the "finish" in the other corner of the screen. Currently, the game has evolved into a top-down shooter with multiple weapons, enemies, unique mechanics, and bosses.