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Version 1 (DL)[]

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Version 7 (DL)[]

Spikes, Camera Zoomed In, Love Birds, Background

Version 10 (DL)[]

Levels, Maze, Level Edges

Version 16 (DL)[]

Colorful Walls, Collectibles, Weapon, "Kawaii Uguu," Vortex Gun, Nick Cage

Version 35 (DL)[]

Star Pants boss, Googly Spikes, Weapons Selection/Revamp, Music, Mouse Aiming, Exploding Bridge, Speed Run, More Levels, Moral Choice, Stats, Explosive Barrels, Achievements

Version 36 (DL)[]

Bunnies change everything.

Version 44 (DL)[]

Dome Fossil Enemies, Viredxgun, "Secret" level, Bunny Gun, Control Remap (Detonate Bunnies),

Version 45 (DL)[]

Kill All Enemies, Laser Shotgun

Version 53 (DL)[]

Killing All Enemies Optional, Weapon Upgrades, Backgrund Change, Minimap, Arena Maps, SUPER DIFFICULT "Bullet Hell" level

Version 60 (DL)[]

Slimes, Doge menu, Devil Bird, Bird Jesus, Morality, Powerup Drops

Version 70 (DL)[]

Survival Game Mode, Hostile Sheriff Bird, More Weapons, Doge Coins