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A number of different NPC's have been added to "please be nice :(" aside from typical enemies.

Love Birds[]

Viking Bird Illuminati Bird Helicopter Hat Bird
Beanie Bird Pirate Bird Sheriff Bird
King Bird Bandit Bird Three-D Bird

Love Birds spawn in a flock on every level and follow the player. They do no damage, but they can be killed by player weapons and enemies. Birds will stop player bullets, and killing a bird causes an 8-point penalty to the player's Morality score.

Because they intercept bullets, birds may be treated as a hazard (especially when using explosive ammo types such as the RPG). Love Birds are affected by the Vortex Gun.

There are 9 different Love Bird sprites.

Kawaii Uguu[]

Beginning with version 14, Love Birds will occasionally become "Kawaii Uguu" Birds. They wil yell stereotypical anime phrases at intervals, with their faces being briefly replaced with blushing anime animations.

Quotes Include:

  • “Uguuuu~” 
  • “Domo arigato senpai~ “
  • “ Kawaiii~”
  • “Senpai?”
  • “Notice me senpai!” 


  • The Bird sprites were first created for version 2 as playable characters.
  • Birds were first added as NPC’s in version 3 and followed the player around the map, emitting "heart" particles in order to "make the player feel the emotion LOVE."
  • Version 14 was the "Kawaii Uguu" update, causing Love Birds to occasionally morph into anime birds.
  • Love Birds have been the focus of the Moral Choice system since version 25



Explosive bunnies were added in v35, they move towards the player like birds do, but when coming into contact with the player they will multiply, upon death they will explode and take down walls.

Bunnies can be cloned on purpose , dragged away with the vortex gun and then detonated using the spacebar.

A bunny explosion also kill other bunnies,causing chain reaction, if a big bunny horde has been formed, make sure to take a good distance if you plan to detonate using a bullet.


  • Bunnies were first added after version 35.
  • Originally, Bunnies bunnies could not detonate explosive barrels. This was changed in version 42, with the introduction of the Bunny Gun.
  • The bunny gun created a need for greated control over bunnies - in version 43, they can be detonated on command using the spacebar.
  • The maximum number of Bunnies at a time is 500, but this cap can be exceeded by using the Bunny Gun to spawn additional Bunnies