Pleasebenice Wiki

Welcome to 'please be nice :(', a game that started out as a cube controlled with WASD keys ,the goal was to get to the finish.

As of version 114 the game is a top down shooter where you use both your keyboard and mouse to navigate through 15+ levels full of enemies and several bosses, the goal can be either getting to the goal or having to kill all enemies depending on the level you're in.

Get acquainted with the controls on the wiki or the in-game controls menu,play through the most recent version and prepare yourself to do a reasonable run if you want to suggest. (depending on who else is playing right now)

The Goal is Simple[]

  • Be the first player to finish the current version of the game
  • You get to submit the feature you want to see in the game in a post-game screen
  • We update the game with your feature and the cycle restarts(after which you could suggest again!)